Vinnic L1142 Alkaline Watch Batteries 1.5V in Retail Card packaging. The Vinnic L1142, or LR43, is a popular Alkaline cell commonly used in cameras, calculators, toys, watches, scales and other non-precision electronic devices. Silver-Oxide cells of the same dimensions can sometimes be substituted by LR43s.

The MR43 is a Mercuric-Oxide cell of the same dimensions as the L1142. The MR43 cells are no longer manufactured because of their toxicity. If your requirement is to replace an MR43, you may consider using the Alkaline L1142 in its place.

Also Known As: 10 L 124/D 386, 1132SO, 1133SO, 1167A, 1176A, 186, 186-1, 226, 226/12 OTC, 260, 280-01, 280-41, 301, 301A, 386, 386 RW 44, 386A, 386BP, AG12, D, D186A, D386, G12, G12A, GP186, GP386, GP86A, GS12, H, H BATTERY, L1142, LR1142, LR43, R 301/1, R 386/6, RW 34, RW 44, RW84, S04, S07, S1142E, S1142S, SA-AB, SB-A8, SB-B8, SG12, SP301, SP386, SR 43, SR 43 SW, SR 43 W, SR1142, SR1142SW, SR1142W, SR43, SR43SW, SR43W, SR43W/SW, V12GA, V301, V386, WS 11/D 301.

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