SR44 Battery is a small button shape silver oxide battery with a voltage of 1.5V. The SR44 Battery is a premium Silver Oxide blister pack battery. Engineered for use in photographic devices, office calculators, CPU memory backup, pager devices, time pieces and watches. This silver oxide batteries has high quality endurance and dependability. SR44 Battery may be used in place of LR44. This battery is the same size as the LR44/AG13 alkaline battery. However, if the device comes origninal comes with a 357 battery, do not use the LR44, which has too low mAh for dependable use.

SR44 Battery is used in the following device:

  • HP 16C ,HP 15C and HP 17BII Calculators
  • MiniMed 507C insulin pump
  • Avocet 31 bicycle speedometer, odometer, timer
  • Yashica FX-D Quartz 35mm camera
  • Oakton TDS Testers
  • Centech 47260 2VGA Laser pointer
  • 22-820 digital volt meter

SR44 Battery cross reference to the following battery:

  • IEC SR44
  • Citizen 280-08 and 280-03
  • EPX76
  • SR 44
  • SR44E
  • Duracell D357, D303
  • Goldpeak 357
  • Kodak KS76
  • Maxell SR44SW and GS14
  • Panasonic SP357, SP303 and SR44SW and WS-14
  • Rayovac 357, 303, RW32, RW12
  • Renata 357, 303
  • Seiko SR44SW and SB-A9 and SR47
  • Sony SR44W
  • Toshiba SR44W
  • Varta V357
  • AWI S06
  • GS14 and SR1154

SR44 Battery is compatible with the following models:
sg13 battery, sr44 battery equivalent, Silver Oxide FM28F, 541, varta v357, duracell sr44, 357 button battery, duracell 76s, V357, SR1154, renata 357 battery, energizer 357bp, 76S, 357 button cell, energizer epx76, D303, rayovac 357, KS76, maxell sr44sw, sr44,

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