Rayovac Size 312 Mercury Free Hearing Aid Batteries, 24-Pack (L312ZA-24ZM)

Rayovac, the world’s number one manufacturer of hearing aid batteries, offers hearing aid wearers the longest lasting, most reliable performance battery after battery.  With today’s hearing devices becoming more sophisticated and power hungry, they are placing increased demands on the hearing aid battery.  Rayovac hearing aid batteries have a superior cell design and chemical formulation that provide long life, exceptional power, and consistent performance.  In addition, Rayovac offers unique packaging options such as easy to turn dials, a rear door to secure your batteries, longer tabs for easier handling, perforated cards for portability, and a 4 year freshness guarantee.  As part of the commitment to providing environmentally friendly products with market-leading performance, Rayovac introduced the world’s longest lasting mercury free hearing aid battery in 2009. Hearing aid wearers do not have to sacrifice performance for going green when they choose Rayovac batteries.  All of these attributes are what make Rayovac the number 1 choice of hearing professionals and their patients.

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