L1028 Battery is a alkaline, high voltage(6V), non-rechargeable battery. L1028 Battery is an alkaline cell-type battery mainly used in small electronic key fob radio devices, such as keyless vehicle entry systems, home security systems, garage door openers, and Bluetooth headsets. This battery is often constructed of 8 individual L936 alkaline button cells enclosed in a wrapper. The cells may be separated and used individually by removing the wrapper. L1028 Battery is used in the following dog collar devices:

  • Remote Training Transmitters
  • IUT-300-Ultra Smart-One dog
  • IUT-302-Ultra Smart-Two Dog
  • BT-502A
  • SD-100A
  • Underground Fence System
  • IUC-5100 Contain and Train Transmitter
  • SunnyBell Doorbell Remote Sender

L1028 Battery Specifications:

  • Voltage: 12 Volt
  • Capacity: 40mAH
  • Length: 1.122″
  • Diameter: 0.406″
  • UPC: 762964180388

Cross Reference to the following battery:

A23, 23A, MN21, N21 Alkaline, RV08, VR22, E23A, K23A, BAT012 Innotek, BAT012, 8LR932, Alkaline GP23A, Innotek BAT012, BAT-012, V23GA, Innotek BAT-012, LRV08, S21, Alkaline V23GA, Alkaline L1028, V23GA Alkaline, E23A Alkaline,

L1028 Battery is compatible with the following models:
BAT-012, MN21, A23, LR23A, BAT-012 Innotek, 8LR932, ANSI 1181A, 23GA, VR22, MN21 Alkaline, 1811A, GP23A Alkaline, L1028 Alkaline, 8F10R, Innotek BAT-012, L1028, A23 Alkaline, V23GA Alkaline, 23A Alkaline,

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