CR2032BP Battery is a 3V lithium battery and is non-rechargeable. CR2032BP Battery is used in many computers, along with many new watches and gadgets. CR2032BP Battery is a 3 volt coin-cell Lithium Battery that provide an excellent combination of high energy and continuous voltage supply. These batteries provide long shelf life for back up energy purposes together with ideal temperature resistance and superior storage capacity. These 3V lithium coin cell battery are guaranteed to provide optimal performance throughout the life of the battery. The CR2032BP Battery is a 3V lithium battery that provides high energy, continuous voltage supply, and this coin battery has a long shelf life for storage capacity and is perfect for providing back-up power. They are ideal for cameras, wristwatches, electronic agendas and games, and calculators.

Following is a small list of the device that uses this 3V Lithium battery:

  • Dell desktop Dimension 4400
  • Hewlett Packard DC5000 computers,
  • Dell 8300 Computer motherboard
  • Henry Kloss Model 88.
  • HP 33S scientific calculator, takes two batteries.
  • Nike Watch Models: WR0080, WR0081, WR0084, WR0085, WR0082, WR0083, SM0001, SM0002, SM0003, SM0013, SM0014, SM0015, SM0017, SM0019, SM0020, SM0032, WA0020, WA0040, WC0019, WR0100, WC0021, WA0027, WA0019, WA0018, WA9002, WA9002,

Battery Specifications:

  • Model: CR2032BP Battery
  • Weight: 0.1500 lbs.
  • Voltage: 3
  • Capacity: 210
  • Chemistry: Lithium

CR2032BP Battery is compatible with the following models:
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